Sunday afternoons through July & August (8 weeks) at Mt. Doug Park starting July 4th!

Separate Kids & Adult Leagues for 6-Player Teams. Each player must provide their own Rival blaster(s) and Rival-compatible ammunition. All blasters must shoot approved Rival-compatible foam balls. NO DARTS or other forms of ammo permitted. Players must provide their own safety glasses.

Each team will play one hour of Sunday afternoon matches each week. Team assignments and exact schedule to be published July 3rd. All games are “rain or shine.” Each league will have a minimum registration requirement of 3 teams.

Help establish a fun and competitive Victoria Nerf league that prioritizes good clean sporting fun! Adult volunteers to help oversee and organize the leagues are greatly encouraged.

Kids Nerf League (Ages 8-12)

  • BYOBA Rival Stock Class B: Unmodified Motorized Blasters Permitted

Teen & Adult Nerf League (Ages 13+)

  • BYOBA Rival Open Class A: Modified & Motorized Blasters Permitted

Two Options For Registration:

Players can register as individuals and be assigned to a 6-player team, or register as a full team of 6 (or fewer) players for a flat rate.

Individual Registration: $100

  • Register to the waiting list and receive a team assignment as sufficient players become available to form a 6-player team.
  • Team placement contingent on sufficient enrollment.
  • Multiple individual players may register and request team placement together.

Team Registration: $480

  • Register as a full team of 6 or fewer players.
  • Teams may register with less than 6 players if they wish to play short-handed.
  • All players must be within the age parameters for the specific league.


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